Dojo Etiquetteeeee

Etiquette to be aware of when training

Karate is a Japanese art, and is traditionally practised in an environment which reflects this origin. In addition, it is very important that the greatest respect is always shown to both your teachers and your fellow students. Otherwise there would be no karate, only brawling! Therefore there is a certain etiquettee to be aware of when training, and this is outlined below.

  • Always bow on entering and leaving the dojo (karate training room)
  • Make sure that your mobile is turned off!
  • Always refer to the instructor and black belts as "Sensei"
  • Make sure your gi (karate suit) is clean, tidy and ironed
  • Always bow and show utmost respect to your partner during kumite training
  • If your gi or obi (belt) comes undone during a session kneel to the right while you adjust it
  • Remove all jewellery before coming to the dojo
  • Keep finger and toe nails short
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