Maxims of Fudochi Shotokan Karate-Do

Fudochi may be referred to as the conflict within oneself. A life long marathon which can only be won through self discipline, hard training and your own creative efforts. (The iron ore thinks itself senselessly tortured in the blast furnace - but the tempered steel blade looks back and knows better.)

Key points to understand

  • You cannot develop your own potential when in the trap of self limitation. All ideas of self produce limitations, like clouds blocking the sun.
  • Do not be dependent on others for your improvement. Seniors can only show you the way. You must walk it yourself!!!
  • Earnestly cultivate your mind as well as your body and believe in yourself. Za Zen is the way to do this - in the silence of sitting find the sound of Fudochi!
  • Karate begins and ends with courtesy, hence the bow at the beginning and end of training. Therefore we must be ever courteous to seniors, juniors, friends and even foes! True courtesy means foregoing self. You must practice hard to understand this!
  • We must sweep from our minds all egocentric and preoccupying thoughts during training, concentrating wholly on the moment. In 'the now' all things are equal, where attack and defence become one, and the eye becomes clear.
  • The idea of self is delusion. The idea of no-self is delusion! The secret of Fudochi lies in neither (not this, not that, not both not neither)
  • The dojo is the place where courage is fostered and superior human nature is bred. It is the sacred place where the human spirit is polished. TREAT IT SO!
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